Thank you for supporting Manoke! Hope you find the app valuable and enjoyable in your musical journey! 
As of the newly released version 3.2, we are discontinuing the points based reward system and moving to a subscription based model to support production of specially curated content. The new model will provide better incentives for the producers who put in a lot of time and effort in making sure that the transcriptions they create are top-notch and better quality than what is available in the market. 
What are the benefits of becoming a premium user?
As a premium user you will have access to content curated by leading composers/content producers that will not be available to regular users. This will include both new top hits or old forgotten classics that are hard to transcribe. Also as a preimum user you will have access to lessons that will help you develop specific skills or expertise with your instrument. 

What will happen to the reward points I have accumlated so far?

We apreciate that you have earned points primarily by spending time practicing! As we all know practice never goes to waste! We have converetd your reward points into Subscription period that will extend your free access to Preimum content for a much longer time! If you find any issues please do let us know immediately by sending email to [email protected]. Include in Subject "SUBSCRIPTION" and let us know. We will take care of it right away. 

Will be there a trial period to try out the Premium subscription plan?

Ofc ourse! We want to make sure there is enough time for you to epxerience the new content and lessons that some of our top producers want you to try. We offer the longest trial period to try out the Premium content. 

Do I lose access to the content if my subscription expires?

To reciprocate support of premium users we will restrict access to premium content to active subscribers only. There will still be lots of other new content available for all users.