Manoké’s hybrid Learning platform empowers you to LEARN MUSIC THE RIGHT WAY from the best qualified teachers. Manoké’s innovative play along approach is designed by internationally recognized music educators and professionals to help you succeed in your musical aspirations.

Play Along MANOKE

Manoké is a Japanese term meaning Play Along, like Karaoke means Sing Along.

Manoké is an exclusive marketplace and a first-of-its-kind Hybrid platform for music education. Powered by cutting edge technologies, a proprietary framework for developing musicianship and performance driven teaching tools, the Manoké platform is designed to deliver the best outcomes for students, parents, teachers and content creators.

Play Along MANOKE
The Manoké Way to developing musicianship

Music is a universal language and Manoké is a fun and easy way to learn it. The personalized teaching methods with live and interactive lessons have been designed to help you at your level. The Manoké framework will help you develop comprehensive musicianship skills and mastery over your instrument with a performance based standardized curriculum.

  • Find the right course and teacher for you
  • Enjoy the best digital learning experience
  • Attain standards playing music you like

The hybrid classroom for the digital age

Manoké understands the challenges of a music teacher in engaging students. The transformative digital learning experience and specially curated lesson plans by international experts help you obtain and retain students with higher levels of engagement.

  • Connect with students everywhere
  • Harness the power of technology
  • Teach your repertoire to benchmarks

Invest in the artist in your child

Even the most elementary music education leads to better productivity, academic performance, smartness (IQ), and temporal-spatial skills. But not all music education is created equal. Manoké’s ecosystem of expert teachers using the best digital tools and learning analytics will ensure the best returns for your child.

  • Find the best teachers globally
  • Connect with a community of like-minded parents and music professionals
  • Engage in their learning and track progress

While practicing along with the accompaniments in the Manoke app, the wrong note can be easily identified and we can catch the correct note immediately.

Sree Sukirti

Accompaniment and metronome feature in the app makes the practice session easy and effective.

Prem kumar

The songs can be slowed down according to our speed with the help of tempo feature which makes it easy while practising.

Anisha. A

We've been using Manoke app for about 3 years. The availability of the app across all mobile phones and desktop has made it easier for my students to access my lessons anywhere. It is much easier to assign lessons to my students and app guides the student on how to practice their lessons. It's easy for me to closely monitor the student's practice time and give feedback for their recordings. I'm able to add my own lesson structure in this application and ask students to practice it.

Dr John Paul
Johnlee School of Music

Manoke has helped me publish my courses for Guitar, Keyboard, Piano and vocal. The Manoke app helps students to perfect their pieces at home even when they are not having a class. They can play along, record and upload their lessons for which I give them a quick feedback to improve their playing skills. I find Manoke as a very useful tool to incorporate my new courses. Be it Guitar, Piano, Keyboard or vocal, Manoke is a great tool to add to your arsenal.

Sonny John Abraham
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