Manoké is a global digital platform for instruction certification content creation

Manoké is a marketplace and a digital platform for music instruction, certification and content publishing. catering to students, teachers, and creators to address the 7 Key needs for music education:


✓ Student-Teacher Discovery

✓ Teacher Technology Enablement

✓ Support for Varied User Levels

During instruction:

✓ Superior Learning Experience with augmented intelligence

✓ Curriculum based on International Standards

✓ Localized Content

✓ Detailed Learning Analytics

The platform includes digital publishing capabilities powered by a distributed ledger technology for commerce and data provenance.
  • Manoké Stage, is a play along app for the entire orchestra
  • Manoké Studio, is a notes creation, curriculum planning and publishing application
  • Manoké School, is a portal for teachers and parents to track student progress
Preparing a 21st Century Workforce with the power of Music

The 2020 National Education Policy makes music integral for 150 million students in the 6-15 age group. The school system is currently ill-equipped in terms of teachers, standards, and content. Our goal is help deliver the NEP vision and make high-quality music education accessible and affordable by leveraging the power of technology:

✓ By enabling teachers to deliver a high quality curriculum prepared a International panel of experts using a hybrid classroom methodology and tools.

✓ By helping students develop 21st century skills: Creativity, Collaboration, Self-directed learning & Communication, by connecting them with the culture, space, people and elements of Music.

✓ By encouraging parents to invest in a high quality music education for their children for a better and brighter future