Manoké - “Your trusted partner in digital music education ”

Manoké enables teachers to connect with prospective students, curate, customise and upload personalized lessons, and make music learning meaningful and contextual to the student.

With Manoké teachers have Full Independence over what they teach, who they teach, how many hours they teach and how they wish to price their classes. While the platform provides full catalog of high-quality courses and benchmarks based on international standards for all levels of students, ultimately the teachers decide how they want to use the resources for their students.

Detailed analytics and metrics provided by the platform can help in tracking student performance, identifying and helping students where they have difficulties and improve overall learning outcomes.

Learn music the Manoké way
“Manoké gives teachers the full independence and control while empowering them”
Benefits of Manoké

At class

  • Optimize your time spent in class by achieving the learning outcomes faster with Manoké as your teaching aid.
  • Customize your teaching content by uploading your tailored lessons on Manoké
  • With Manoké, avoid absentees by keeping your students engaged with inspiring large repertoire of lessons and interactive exercises.
  • Manoké reduces the dropout rate at the same time attract new enrolments
  • Manoké combines traditional, face-to-face “seat time” with some online teaching activities. The purpose is to take advantage of both, online and more traditional forms of teaching.
  • Manoké put the educator in the drivers seat and makes the whole process of teaching enjoyable

At home

  • Manoké keeps your students self motivated for independent practice
  • Manoké helps maintain the momentum from your class activity all the way to your student's Independent practice at home by keeping them engaged.
  • Manoké aids you to avoid wrong practice during student's independent practice at home by guiding them through your instructional videos.
  • Manoké reduces the dropout rate at the same time attract new enrolments
  • The detailed analytics of your student's practice sessions let you follow their progress closely and help them get over their learning humps
  • Manoké’s digital technology provides frequent and detailed assessments. Assessments no longer needs to be time-consuming and cumbersome. Help your students progress quickly with timely feedback
New to Manoké
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  • How to send feedback and monitor your students progress
How to get most out of students using Manokéé
  • How to train your students for Trinity exams
  • How to make parents actively engaged in the process
How to grow your professional career
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