Manoké - “Your partner to becoming a complete Musician”
What is Musicanship?

It is having strong technical skills to execute anything a piece of music requires; it is the ability to read and interpret music compositions; it is about playing with a band in time, with feel, with style; it is about having the chops to improvise and create your own music; it is about growing in multiple dimensions as a complete musician.

Why settle for learning to play a song by rote when you can train to be A Complete Musician?

The Manoké Benchmark framework (MBAF) for developing Musicanship is designed and created for all Music aspirants at any level by Karl Luchtmeyer, a much-revered concert pianist, Professor of Music and winner of Bharat Gaurav (Pride Of India) Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to Western Classical Music in India and the UK. The MBAF framework will help you not only build a strong foundation in music but also develop 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication and creativity.

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  • How to use Manoké Stage
  • How to practice Scales in a fun Way
  • How to Get Feedback from your teacher
  • How to monitor your progress and improve
How to get the most out of your music class?
  • How to train for Trinity DGD Exams
  • How to listen and respond when playing in an Ensemble
  • How to improvise and play Solos
  • How to train for stage performance